Why Do Soccer Players Take Off Their Medals? An In-Depth Look

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Suppose you have ever watched a soccer tournament, whether the World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, or any other prestigious competition, you might have noticed something peculiar – soccer players taking off their medals shortly after receiving them.

This odd behaviour has sparked curiosity and debate among fans and spectators worldwide. So, why do soccer players take off their medals?

why do soccer players take off their medals

Significance of Medals in Soccer

Medals hold significant value in soccer tournaments. They symbolize achievement, hard work, and dedication. Winning a medal in a prestigious tournament is a momentous occasion for any player, representing the culmination of years of training and sacrifice.

Reasons for Removing Medals


One of the most common reasons soccer players take off their medals is discomfort. After a gruelling match, players might feel sweaty and tired. Wearing a heavy medal around their necks can exacerbate these feelings, prompting them to remove it for comfort.


Soccer, like many other sports, is rife with superstitions. Some players believe that wearing their medals brings lousy luck or negatively affects their performance. As a result, they choose to remove it immediately after receiving it to avoid any potential jinx.

Cultural or Religious Beliefs

In certain cultures or religions, wearing medals or jewellery may be discouraged or inappropriate. Soccer players from these backgrounds may remove their medals out of respect for their cultural or religious beliefs.


Occasionally, soccer players have been known to remove their medals as a form of protest. This could be in response to controversial decisions made during the tournament or to highlight social or political issues.

Media and Public Attention

It is common for removing medals to attract considerable media and public attention. Social media platforms immediately become flooded with images and videos of players removing their medals, sparking discussions and debates among fans and pundits.

Responses from Officials and Organizations

Soccer officials and organizations have varied responses to players removing their medals. Some may view it as disrespectful or unsportsmanlike behaviour, while others may defend it as a personal choice or expression.

Perception and Interpretation

The act of removing medals is subject to interpretation. While some may see it as a sign of disrespect, others may view it as a harmless action or a statement of personal beliefs.


The topic of players removing medals is subject to controversy. Critics argue that it undermines the tournament’s significance and disrespects fellow competitors, while supporters defend it as a player’s right to express themselves freely.

Respect and Sportsmanship

Regardless of the reasons behind it, respect and sportsmanship should always remain paramount in soccer tournaments. Players should strive to uphold the integrity of the game and show respect to their opponents, regardless of the outcome.


There are alternative ways for players to express dissatisfaction or protest without removing their medals. Some examples are engaging in constructive dialogue with tournament officials or using post-match interviews to voice concerns.


In conclusion, soccer players taking off their medals is a multifaceted phenomenon with various underlying reasons. Whether due to discomfort, superstition, cultural beliefs, or as a form of protest, the act sparks debate and reflection within the soccer community.

However, amidst the controversies and differing opinions, one thing remains clear – the importance of respect, sportsmanship, and integrity in the beautiful game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all soccer players remove their medals after receiving them?

No, not all soccer players remove their medals. It varies from player to player and can depend on personal preferences or beliefs.

Is it disrespectful for players to take off their medals?

Some may perceive it as disrespectful, while others may consider it a personal choice. It ultimately depends on the context and intent behind the action.

Are there any rules or regulations regarding the removal of medals?

Soccer governing bodies typically do not have specific rules addressing the removal of medals. It’s often left to the discretion of the players.

What do teammates and coaches think about players removing their medals?

Opinions among teammates and coaches may vary. Some may support the decision, while others may not agree with it.

Are there any historical instances of players removing medals for significant reasons?

Yes, there have been instances where players removed their medals to protest against social injustices or controversial decisions within the sport.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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