How Soccer Explains the World Book: An Odd Globalization Theory

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Have you ever thought about how a simple game of Soccer can reflect the complexities of the world? That’s exactly what Franklin Foer explores in his captivating book, “How Soccer Explains the World.” This book is a fascinating blend of sports journalism and political analysis, offering deep insights into how Soccer serves as a lens through which we can understand global issues. 

how soccer explains the world book

The Author and His Vision

Franklin Foer, an American journalist and former editor of The New Republic, has always been keen on the intersection of culture and politics. His passion for Soccer and its attractiveness around the world served as inspiration for this book.

Foer’s vision was to use Soccer as a metaphor to explain the broader trends of globalization, nationalism, and economic disparities.

Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1: Soccer as a Tool for Understanding

Foer begins by setting the stage for Soccer as more than a game. He introduces the idea that Soccer can serve as a mirror reflecting societal values and global trends.

Chapter 2: The Connection Between Soccer and National Identity

This chapter delves into how soccer teams and their success or failure can influence national pride and identity. Foer provides examples from countries like Brazil, where Soccer is intertwined with national identity.

Chapter 3: How Soccer Reflects Economic Systems

Foer explores Soccer’s economic implications, discussing how the sport mirrors the capitalist economy with its rich clubs and impoverished counterparts.

Chapter 4: Soccer and Political Power

Soccer’s influence on politics is undeniable. This chapter covers instances where governments have used Soccer to exert control and influence over their populations.

Chapter 5: The Influence of Soccer on Social Movements

Soccer has often been a platform for social change. Foer highlights how players and teams have used their platforms to address social issues.

Chapter 6: Corruption and Scandals in Soccer

Foer doesn’t shy away from the darker side of Soccer. He examines various scandals that have rocked the sport, from match-fixing to financial corruption.

Chapter 7: Globalization Through the Lens of Soccer

This chapter brings together various elements discussed in earlier chapters to show how Soccer exemplifies the process of globalization.

Chapter 8: The Future of Soccer in a Globalized World

Foer concludes by speculating on Soccer’s future amid ongoing global changes. He discusses potential developments and the sport’s continued role in global culture.

Key Themes and Concepts


Soccer serves as a perfect example of globalization, showing how the sport connects people across the globe.


Foer discusses how Soccer can both unify and divide nations, reflecting the complex nature of nationalism.


The economic disparities in Soccer highlight broader economic issues in the world.


Political leaders often use Soccer to gain support and distract from other issues.

Society and Culture

Soccer reflects societal values and cultural norms, making it a microcosm of society.

Impact of Soccer on Globalization

Soccer unites different cultures through international tournaments like the World Cup, which brings together fans from around the world to celebrate the sport.

Soccer and National Identity

In countries like Brazil and Argentina, Soccer is more than a sport; it’s a vital part of national identity. The success of the national team can boost national pride, while failure can lead to national despair.

Economic Implications of Soccer

The business of Soccer is vast, with significant clubs generating enormous revenues. However, there is a stark contrast between the wealthiest clubs and the rest, reflecting economic inequalities in society.

Political Influence of Soccer

Governments have long used Soccer to wield political power. For example, the Argentine military regime in the 1970s used the national team’s success to distract from political repression.

Soccer and Social Movements

Soccer has been a platform for social change, with players like Didier Drogba using their influence to promote peace and social justice.

Corruption in Soccer

Corruption is a significant issue in Soccer, with scandals like FIFA’s bribery cases highlighting the need for reform.

Globalization Through Soccer

Foer provides case studies showing both the positive and negative aspects of globalization in Soccer, such as the spread of the sport to new regions versus the exploitation of young players.

Future of Soccer

In the future, Soccer will probably continue to change with the times, mirroring larger international trends and continuing to play a significant role in world culture.


“How Soccer Explains the World” offers a unique perspective on globalization. It uses the world’s most popular sport to explore complex global issues. Franklin Foer’s book is a fascinating read for anyone interested in understanding the world through the lens of Soccer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the central thesis of “How Soccer Explains the World”?

The central thesis is that Soccer serves as a microcosm for understanding globalization and its impacts on various aspects of society.

How does Soccer reflect globalization?

Soccer reflects globalization by connecting people across the globe, showcasing cultural exchanges, and highlighting economic and political trends.

Can Soccer really explain economic systems?

Yes, the economic disparities in Soccer mirror broader economic issues, illustrating the impact of capitalism and globalization.

What are some key examples from the book?

Key examples include the influence of Soccer on national identity in Brazil, economic disparities between clubs, and political manipulation of the sport in Argentina.

Is Soccer a force for good or bad in the context of globalization?

Soccer can be both a force for good, promoting unity and social change, and a force for evil, highlighting issues like corruption and economic inequality.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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